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Gender Roles

This is just my opinion but I think boys and girls are not treated equally now a days. People say that there is jobs for both genders, both get the same education in almost all parts of the word but… do genders really get treated equally?

You go to a party and you see a girl drinking. What do you first think?
Exactly… but if it was a boy, it’d be different.

This girl can’t decide between two guys. How do you call her?
Exactly…but he’s just a flirt.

What about skinny boys they call gays? Isn’t it just like girls’ issues with small boobs?

I’m not against men, it’s just that I had seen the examples from above more usually.
What do you think? What do boys think? When do boys feel like they are victims of femimism?
I’m just a whatsername, so what do you think? Do you think it’s fair?

My homey trearment to fade self-harm scars

Okay guys, so I used to self harm but I left it a month ago. But my mom wanted me to go inside to the pool so I lied: I told her I was having my period. The thing is she doesn’t know about my self harm and my little cousins were coming in a week so my mom wants me to go into the pool with them. I know I should’ve told her but for some reasons I know I can’t. I made some researchs and found some remedies to make the scars fade. I made my own treatment using also medicine books I have at home and this os what I did. Hope this is useful for you.
You’ll need:
•Honey…must be natural
• Baby powder (it’s better if it has Chamomille)
•Chamomille tea
• Any First Aid or Burn Aid cream
•Mother pearl cream
• Will to stop self harming
Okay, so everyday I did this:
In the morning I cleaned the scars with alcohol and waited for it to get dry. Then I applied First Aid and let it dry and finally the mother pearl. I did that three times a day except for the mother pearl cream.
And I had like a special treatment for each day. For example Day 1 I drank Chamomille tea 2 times a day. Day 2 I massaged the scars with Chapstick and Vaseline for 5 minutes 2 times a day. Day 3 I applied lemon juice 3 times a day. Day 4 I applied baby powder 3 times a day. I did that for a week and the scars were almost invisible, you could only feel them but my cousins wouldn’t touch them obviously. Day 5 I applied some bandages with natural bee honey at night. Day 6 I applied sugar two times a day. Day 7 I applied lemon juice again.
If your scars are very old or not very deep you’ll see results in day 5 or 6. If you have deep scars I would recommenduse water proof concealer or use tanning oil. If you have really deep scars and this doesn’t work for you go buy a short you can take into the pool :(
Hope it works and hey, you can get throught. I mean this…pain will eventually go away if you wish so and be thankful for what you have because life will give you more of that.

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